Persico Marine: Official Supplier of Foil Arms
for 37th America's Cup AC75s

The Italian boatyard in Nembro (Italy) is suppling foil arms for the racing teams

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli and Team New Zealand © Carlo Borlenghi - Americas Cup 2021

Nembro, March 5th, 2024

Persico Marine is proud to reaffirm its status as the Official Supplier for America's Cup, specifically responsible for producing arms for the AC75s in the competition. In anticipation of the upcoming edition of the 37th America's Cup, Persico Marine is manufacturing the Foil Arms for the racing teams. This is a one-design production, identical for all the competing yachts, a responsibility once again entrusted to Persico Marine by the Cup organizers, who previously had them build arms for all racing boats in the last edition.

"For Persico Marine," stated Marcello Persico, CEO of Persico Marine, "this is a significant confirmation of our commitment to research and development, the quality of our shipyard, and the excellence of our production team. Being recognized as the Official Supplier further underscores the dedication and investments we've made in refining both our construction processes and technological advancements over the years.”

Within the realm of America's Cup-related activities, Persico Marine also specially designed and developed a machine for structural tests on foils. In 2019, they conducted tests for all the consortia in the presence of team leaders involved.



The connection between Persico Marine and the America's Cup dates back to 1990 with Il Moro di Venezia. Raul Gardini dispatched his technicians to the Nembro shipyard, where a special and innovative, five-axis milling machine, unique in Europe, was in operation. Persico Marine contributed to the production process of the Italian hull and officially entered the America's Cup competition.

In 2004, Persico constructed two boats, ITA86 and ITA94, which participated in the 32nd edition of the America's Cup in 2007. They reaffirmed their partnership with Luna Rossa for the 2013 edition when they built the AC72 for the Italian team.

In the subsequent edition in 2017, Persico supplied key components for Land Rover Bar, the British team's catamaran.

Persico Marine: Official supplier of foil arms for 37th America's Cup AC75s

Upon Luna Rossa's return to the America's Cup in 2021, Persico Marine built the two AC75 boats for the Italian team and earned the role of Official Supplier for arm production, a testament to the shipyard's technological capabilities and the value of their research and development sector.

"The science of foils for racing boats," comments Mark Somerville, COO of Persico Marine, "is evolving rapidly: each new foil boat we build has a unique and highly engineered design, and the larger the size of the boats and foils, the more challenges related to design, engineering and manufacturing process. Building foils requires extreme precision, for which we apply every technology and know-how we possess, including those derived from our experience in the aerospace industry."

Persico Marine: Official supplier of foil arms for 37th America's Cup AC75s


Once again, Persico Marine has been chosen by America's Cup organizers to manufacture arms (identical one-design pieces for all teams).