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2017 - 2020

Thomas Ruyant’s IMOCA 60 Advens is the fruit of the design work that went into the Volvo Super 60 concept along with his own team’s ideas incorporated to adapt the design for solo sailing.
The composite box was built by Persico and the boat was fitted-out by Thomas’ team Lorient.
A solid fourth on the water in the 2019 Transat Jacques Vabre with Antoine Koch as co-skipper, coupled with several runs flirting with the overall 24-hour distance record during the race shows this boat to be truly competitive.
A singlehanded delivery home gave Thomas the time to imagine life aboard during the Vendée Globe and the winter refit will incorporate many of these improvements.

Returned from Brazil singlehanded, the skipper then entrusted his boat to his shore team prior to a minor refit managed by Laurent Bourguès: like a lot of sailors, new adaptations for a singlehanded round the world were made, including an inverted watch seat and improved visibility regarding the cockpit cuddy... A mark two version of the foils is underway with testing due in late summer.
Expect to see Advens on the start line for both solo Transatlantic races in the Spring of 2020, a new set of improved foils installed in early Summer and a competitive project lining up for the Everest of the Seas the solo, non-stop, round the world race the 2020 Vendée Globe in November.
At the conclusion of this circumnavigation in early 2021 the boat will be available for charter for The Ocean Race with or without technical, commercial and logistical support.


Technical specifications
Baptismal Name NAT'CHE
ArchitectGuillaume Verdier
Construction2019, Persico Marine, Italie
Launch Date09/07/19
SkipperThomas RUYANT
Length18,28 m
Beam5,85 m
Draught4,50 m
Weight8 tonnes
Mast height29 m
Mast typeWing mast
Sail area max.
Upwind320 m²
Downwind430 m²


Persico supplied foil for several Imoca60s in Vendée Globe 2020:
Prismyan Group, LinkedOut, Arkea Paprec and Hugo Boss.

2017 - 2020

Newrest - Art & Fenêtres, a brand new VPLP-Verdier foiler.
Newrest - Art & Fenêtres is the former No Way Back, Vento di Sardegna, a VPLP-Verdier designed boat from the latest generation, built originally for the Italian skipper, Andrea Mura, before his sponsors were forced to throw in the towel due to the economic crisis in Italy.
Consequently, she is a brand new boat with foils. Built at the Persico Marine yard in Italy and launched August 2015, this 60-foot boat was designed and built to be capable of winning the Vendée Globe.
No Way Back with the skipper Pieter Heerema crossed the finish line after 116 days 9 hrs, 24 mins and 12 secs at 21:26:12 UTC on 02/03/2017


Technical specifications
Boat's previous names Newrest - Arts & Fenêtres (depuis 2017)
LinkedOut (depuis 2017)
No Way Back (2016-2017)
Vento di Sardegna (2015)
ChantierPersico Marine
Launch Date01 August 2015
Length18,28 m
Beam5,80 m
Draught4,50 m
Displacement (weight)7,5 tonnes
Number of foils2
Mast height29 m / mât-aile monotype IMOCA
Keel blademonotype IMOCA
Upwind sail area320 m²
Downwind sail area570 m²